SalesInSync® is a popular low-priced subscription solution used by organizations large and small for managing sales opportunities. The system can be set up in less than a day and requires virtually no training. It can be extended to meet specific process needs via standard customization or modular add-ons.

The SalesInSync system is 100% web-based, and can be run from anywhere, at any time. Use of SalesInSync reduces or eliminates time-wasting reporting requirements for salespeople because the system provides managerial reporting. Visibility to the sales process – or even the ability to create a proper process - is vastly improved. The system also allows marketing professionals to measure the effectiveness of inquiry-generating tools such as telemarketing, advertising, and web sites.

The system allows for various levels of hierarchy for data security and proper flow among larger organizations. It also includes an opportunity “watch” functionality that alerts managers via e-mail or text messaging that high-value opportunities have had new action.