AMG Alerts

AMG Alerts™ is a simple and powerful mass notification system used by schools, businesses, and government to quickly communicate information about emergencies, amended operating hours, and other time-sensitive topics.

The system allows for various combinations of Text, E-mail, or Voice messaging, and the user can select various groups or even filter by additionally defined data fields for selective alerting.

AMG Alerts features built-in portals to allow potential recipients to input and maintain their own contact data and preferences. It also uses a “follow-me” system of text messaging that does not require a recipient to enter and maintain carrier data. For voice, the system uses text-to-speech technology, which eliminates an additional, cumbersome “recording” step, and allows potential interface with other systems.

AMG Alerts has a unique pricing model that assumes that the system will be used for exceptional events and presents a fixed cost that is low and affordable by virtually any institution. There is a variable component of pricing that only applies above a certain usage level and is dependent on alert mode(s) used.